Helping today’s leaders build organizations resilient to tomorrow’s security threats.

Cyber advisory services with human factors at the forefront.

At Beyond Layer Seven, we work with leaders who are tired of running the same race, never truly able to find meaningful change regarding enterprise security. To achieve something different, it takes a different approach. It takes a data- and research-driven approach that appreciates and underscores the single component most likely to help or hinder organizational security efforts. It takes an approach that begs us to think beyond layer seven—that is, the human layer. It’s the approach we have been taking for over a decade now.

Human-centric Security Advisory Services: At a Glance

Security risk assessments

Need an external viewpoint on how your people, processes, and technology combine to affect your overall risks? Obtain a review of your enterprise's security risk through our ransomware readiness, security architecture, insider threat, data security, and compliance assessments.

Security culture development

Ready to move from a "compliance-first" mentality to a resilient internal culture? It takes more than simulated phishing campaigns and outsourced, pre-packaged awareness modules. We work with leaders to provide holistic security culture assessments, security resilience training, as well as employee behavioral analytics to understand an organization's workforce and help empower employees to become protective stewards of their organizations' critical resources.

Executive security strategy planning

Trying to figure out how best to design and implement a new organizational security policy? Worried about potential pushback by end users? Our experts help guide executives in policy development and implementation, initiative roadmapping, and how they can help drive employee acceptance and ownership of enterprise security initiatives.