Human-centric Security Advisory Services for the Enterprise

Our services help support organizational leaders who are looking to make meaningful change in their cyber efforts rather than fulfill a "compliance mentality." Very simply, we are different because our focus is first and foremost on the end result--a result that very often depends on human acceptance, interaction, and involvement. Period.

Security Risk Assessments

If you are looking to gauge where your enterprise is most exposed to external and internal threats, consider our security risk assessments. Even if you are looking to ensure your organization's compliance with various mandates and standards that are at the root of the "compliance mentality," all our efforts underscore the interplay among people, processes, and technology that is critical for operational success.

  • Ransomware readiness assessment
  • Insider threat assessment
  • Security architecture assessment
  • Data security assessment
  • Compliance assessment

Security Culture Development

Think that the occasional newsletter is driving your employees' motivations to support your internal cyber efforts? How about relying on aggregated click rates from simulated phishing campaigns to determine how tight of a security culture you have? These efforts are a good start, but there is so much more that can be done throughout the entire hierarchy of your enterprise to develop and maintain a security culture. We know of no better and more effective way to help increase your organization's security resilience than a strategic focus on its people. Our services that fill this need include:

  • Holistic security culture assessments and roadmapping
  • Employee security awareness/resilience training (virtual/on-demand/on-site)
  • Training initiatives customized to industry, emergent threats
  • Security incident tabletop exercises
  • Initial and routine employee behavioral analytics

Executive Security Strategy Planning

Sometimes there is so much that needs to be done that throwing your hands up and saying "come what may" feels like an acceptable solution in the current security landscape. While we do not recommend this strategy, we do understand its appeal at times. Or, have you tried to implement a new security procedure only to see it backfire among employees? These headaches are often a result of not knowing what to begin when as well as a failure to understand how security initiatives affect the workflow tasks of end users. We at Beyond Layer Seven can assist with:

  • Policy development and implementation strategies that focus on employee acceptance
  • Phased implementation of security initiatives through identification of critical resources and current threat intelligence
  • Initiative roadmapping
  • Tabletop initiatives with VP and C-level executives